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8 Tips for Creative Welcome Baskets

By Nathan Guss|4 min|January 2024

As a short-term rental host, you understand how important it is to make a strong first impression. One effective way to delight your guests right off the bat and enhance their stay is a thoughtful welcome basket. Small tokens of hospitality can create a connection with them, even if you don’t greet them personally. They say something about who you are and what you think they might appreciate.

  1. Personalize Your Welcome Basket

Most short-term rental (STR) platforms allow you to exchange with your future visitors and understand why they’re coming to your area. Take advantage of any info you glean and personalize the basket accordingly. For instance, if your guests are visiting for a romantic getaway, consider including a bottle of wine and some gourmet chocolates. Families with children might appreciate a stuffed animal or some art supplies. Tourists coming to town for some hiking would probably appreciate a fancy trail mix.

  1. Highlight Local Flavors

Include locally sourced items to introduce guests to regional flavors and crafts. This could be anything—locally roasted coffee, artisanal snacks, and handmade soaps or candles. Such gifts not only support local businesses and craftspeople but also let guests experience a small part of what makes your region unique.

  1. Include Practical Essentials

Think about small items that your guests might find useful during their stay. This could range from a map of the local area to practical items, such as sunscreen or bug spray, depending on your location and the season.

  1. Add a Personal Note

A handwritten note adds a personal touch that can make a big difference. Welcome your guests, express your enthusiasm about their stay, and let them know you’re available to assist with any needs they may have. And if you have an artistic bent, why not harness that creativity? One host I stayed with in Quebec included a sketch of the region’s famous fjord in her note, adding a fun, memorable, quirky twist.

  1. Presentation Matters

The presentation of your welcome basket is just as important as its contents. Use attractive packaging and arrange items neatly. A well-presented basket both looks inviting and shows your attention to detail.

  1. Keep Seasonality in Mind

Tailor the contents of your welcome basket to the season. For instance, in summer, you might include items like some local berries, while in winter, a small packet of hot cocoa mix or a holiday ornament can be good additions.

  1. Encourage Sustainability

If sustainability is a key part of your STR’s ethos, reflect this in your welcome baskets. Use eco-friendly packaging and include items that are organic, reusable, local or environmentally friendly. Here’s an idea for gardening aficionados: why not grow your own pollinator-friendly wildflowers? Put some in a vase to add a dash of color beside your basket.

A welcome basket is more than just a collection of items; it’s a gesture that shows your guests that you care about their experience in your home and region. Furthermore, it reflects your unique personality and approach to hospitality, setting your rental apart in a competitive market.

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