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At SiniSTAR, we harness the power of sharing.

Our story

It all began in 2016, when Alexis ran into a friend. She told him that her mother was dealing with the fallout from a fire and was living in a hotel. Touched by her misfortune, Alexis offered to let her rent a friend’s home. That was when the idea of a home-sharing platform for insurance housing began.

Soon after, the SiniSTAR platform was born. SiniSTAR is an online marketplace for offering and renting temporary housing after damages. Our hosts offer their homes to insurance companies looking to temporarily relocate their policyholders.

Who we help


After a loss, no one should have to stay in a hotel miles away from home for months on end. And who better to house displaced families than members of their community?


We know that hosts have a lot to offer. That’s why we want to help them support local families who need it, one rental at a time.

Claims adjusters

Claims adjusters’ time is valuable. SiniSTAR’s technology allows them to relocate their insureds faster and more cost-effectively – without compromising on quality.

Our leadership

Alexis Vertefeuille

CEO and Founder

Marc-Antoine Roberge


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